Senior Marketing Solutions has been working with the marketing team at Arbor Acres throughout the pandemic to migrate the sales and marketing function to virtual platforms for meetings, presentations, and sales tool using The Vectre YourTour. The community has maintained its 95% occupancy goal and is in a strong position moving into the second phase of pre-sales for an expansion – Aldersgate Square – that will start with 56 hybrid villa apartments and later development of a cultural arts center with loft apartments.


With stable occupancy and strong interest in the proposed expansion from nearly 100 prospective residents, Arbor Acres applied to the North Carolina Department of Insurance (DOI) and was granted permission to begin accepting $1,000 non-binding deposits beginning in late July with 61 collected in the initial six weeks. Momentum and interest continues to build for Aldersgate Square using virtual strategies. It is anticipated that Arbor Acres will receive Step 2 approvals from the DOI and begin accepting 10% deposits in early 2021.