Karen Hodge


With more than 35 years experience in marketing and sales in the retirement industry, company founder Karen Hodge knows how to market retirement communities.


She’s developed custom marketing plans for dozens of sites – providing a strategic process for meeting presale and occupancy goals. She’s conducted marketing audits, which included consumer research, focus groups, analysis of sales data, interviews of sales teams and key management.


And Karen gets results. The pre-sales for a recent CCRC expansion exceeded goals by achieving 70% pre-sales in less than eight week.




As a testament to Karen’s expertise, she has been a speaker at many national and state conferences, including:


- South Carolina Association of Residential Care Homes (SCARCH) Fall 2015 
- 2011 VANHA – Virginia association
- 2010 VANHA – Virginia association
- 2007 VANHA - Virginia association
- 2006 NCANPHA - North Carolina association
- 2005 VANHA - Virginia association
- AOHSA 2004 – Ohio association 
- IAHSA 2004-2005 – Indiana association
- PANPHA 2003-2004 – Pennsylvania association
- Lifespan 2003-2005 – Maryland association
- VANHA 2003-2005 – Virginia association
- AAHSA Fall 1998, Spring & Fall 1999, Fall 2003-2004



“Karen's creative and energetic person who keeps her eye on the financial side and produces innovative and clever marketing solutions. She is an out-of-the box thinker whose results stand out.”         




Karen holds a master’s degree in housing and resource management from Virginia Tech.  She is a Certified Marketing Retirement Housing Professional (CMP).  She is a member of VANHA, NCANPHA, SCANPHA.