In reflecting on my 30+ years of marketing in the senior housing and healthcare industry, three key words come to mind for success: Innovation, Excellence and Community. Innovation involves creative design, application of new technology and person-centered care philosophy. Excellence in quality services has a foundation of customer service and visionary leadership. Community encompasses culture change in many aspects, from expanding our services outside of our building walls to being actively engaged in community relations.

It’s inspiring to see a new consumer entering our marketplace in many regions. Just as we’re recovering from the economic recession, we are facing a new age of retiree expectations. At the same time, we are encountering tremendous changes in our regulatory and healthcare environments, some of which are taking me back to my initial entry into this market of working with nursing homes, home health and community-based services.

I welcome this opportunity to apply my years of experience — utilizing Innovation, Excellence and Community — to help teams by providing creative new solutions for refreshing their marketing position.

Karen Hodge, President