Lifetime of Love and Friendship

by Chris Rosenblum

STATE COLLEGE — Sixty-three years after they met, John and Jane Buzzell still go on dates.


Sometimes, on the spur of the moment, they’ll head down the road from their Foxdale Village apartment to Meyer Dairy. There, they’ll order black and white sodas — vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and soda water — and “Mexi-hot” hot dogs.


Other days, they might stop for coffee while shopping or take a drive out in the county for lunch.


Tonight, they’re going to the State College Area Municipal Band’s traditional Valentine’s Day concert. This year, they’ll celebrate 60 years of not just marriage, but friendship. “I see them holding hands together, which is verytouching to see, that they have an outward sign of af- fection,” said Mary Ann Curren, Foxdale Village’s di- rector of recreation therapy.


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